The Will/Can Matrix

The Will/Can matrix helps you to identify the varying levels of motivation and capability of each member of your team; something which is vital to track on a frequent basis in the absence of regular in-person contact. Once you learn to put the matrix into practice and you begin to put your team members in a ‘box’ – a will not or a can’t – it’s all about how to bridge the gap to the next.

But what can you do to bridge the gap?

By using the Will/Can model on a regular basis, you can create a sense of the journey the individual team member is on. By making sure you add the date to the Will/Can every time you create it, you can review to see if the actions you have taken have moved them in the right direction. Ultimately your goal is to get everyone in the Will/Can quadrant.

Use this guide, which takes you through every detail of how to use the matrix so that you will be able to identify quickly where individuals within your team are sitting from a motivational and capability perspective.

Want to learn more about the Will/Can Matrix? 

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